Holidays Lounge | Alert: Stay Clear of Phishing Attempts

Holidays Lounge wishes to bring to your attention an important matter regarding unsolicited emails and/or phone calls, wherein the caller falsely claims association with or representation of Holidays Lounge.


It’s imperative to note that Holidays Lounge does NOT engage in any resale or buyback of memberships, nor do we endorse any third-party entities involved in such activities. If a third party contacts you and asks you to pay an upfront fee of any kind you should closely investigate their claims before proceeding with any financial transactions.


We prioritize the security of your information and urge you to remain vigilant against fraudulent activities. Here are some precautions to consider:


  1. Reach Out to Us: If you encounter any suspicious communications, we encourage you to contact your dedicated Member Service Representative directly for accurate, real-time information. You can reach us via the main Membership Help Line: +1 786-866-5754 | +1 844-303-8522 (Toll Free USA & Canada).
  2. Verify Sender Identity: Before opening attachments or clicking on links in emails, verify the sender’s identity, especially if the email seems dubious. Pay close attention to the email domain to ensure it originates from a recognized source.
  3. Secure Payments: All payments processed by Holidays Lounge are directed to accounts held exclusively at U.S.-based banks. Avoid wiring money outside the United States to mitigate potential risks.


Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated as we work together to safeguard your interests.