Holidays Lounge | Traveling with babies the complete guide


Having a baby is a life-changing experience. From now on, packing can be harder and more stressful. Fortunately, this guide will help you make this process easier for you and your baby.

Doctors will recommend you wait until your baby is at least 1-6 months old so that its immune system is more developed. In case your baby is older than that and you are planning your next adventure, follow this guide to make your baby vacations easy.

#1 Pack only the essentials

When we have a baby, especially the first one, we tend to carry a lot of things we don´t actually need. Keep your packing list as essential as possible and avoid the hauling of a bag full of things you won´t use during your trip. In fact, babies don´t need as much as we´ve been led to believe. All they need is to eat, their diapers to be changed, and love. Keep in mind you can buy the diapers and wipes at your destination so there is no need to carry a full box of diapers with you.

#2 Use the stroller only if it is necessary

If you are going to the airport it is much easier and faster if you don´t use a stroller; you can use a baby carrier instead. Evaluate if you are going to need the stroller at your destination, then it might be necessary for you to include it in your packing list even if you don´t use it at the airport.

#3 You don´t need to carry toys


Guide for traveling with a baby

As a parent, you might have already noticed that babies will prefer any noisy object over their toys. Instead of adding toys or any stuffed animal to your packing list you can simply provide your baby with an empty water bottle, a small Tupperware or anything else that can keep them busy during the flight.

#4 Get travel insurance and locate doctors around your destination

When traveling make sure you use travel insurance so in case anything happens you are covered. Search for the nearest doctors around your location and make sure you add insurance to your flight to get a reimbursement from the airline.

#5 If you are renting a car, make sure to mention you will need a car seat

Car seats are required in almost every country. Whether you are going to take a taxi or rent a car, you will need to use a car seat. So, if you don´t have one or didn´t carry one with you, make sure to mention you have a baby so they can provide it for you.

#6 Look into nanny service for date nights or other baby free times

Guide for traveling with a baby

Some people may not be comfortable doing this. However, if you don´t know anyone at the destination you are planning to travel, you might need to search online for some references on local babysitting so you can have some baby-free time.

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