What Members Most Want to Know...

Absolutely! Your membership has the flexibility to add or remove family and friends as guests when needed.

You must send a letter signed by both (member and your friend/family) saying you agree to add /remove this person. This letter must be notarized. A copy of both sides of the ID of the person is also mandatory.

No. Membership login credentials are only authorized for the actual named individual to that specific membership.

You need to book the reservation under your relative or friend’s name but always using your membership number as a reference.

We recommend you book at least 30 days in advance. Please remember there are seasons with high demand, so the earlier you book the better.

Upon request, we can send a copy via email or we can send via regular mail to the address on record.

Your legally binding membership contract states that you are allowed to cancel your membership within 3 business days after the date it was purchased however, as membership satisfaction is our primary priority, we ask that you don’t hesitate to contact us immediately regarding any inquiry about the Holidays Lounge Cancellation Policy. Upon notification, we will promptly address and assist you with any problems or concerns that you may have.

Live Inventory means that it is currently available at the time of inquiry.  Request Inventory means that you must first place a request and then a Reservation Specialist will get back to you within 24-48 hours to confirm the availability of that inventory.

Please have your contract number in hand and contact +1 800-961-5621 or email; confirm the availability of your desired dates and book.

Please register and activate your account at: Choose from the available inventory and request your accommodation, once you complete the transaction, contact your member service representative to validate the deposit of your week. That’s it! Your accommodation is booked.

Click here to access our tutorial on how to Request first, then deposit your Holidays Lounge weeks.

This process may take up to 30 days for processing and forwarding to the email address you provided for membership. Once you receive your Interval user contract number you must visit their website where you will complete the registration.

In order to use your exchange week, you should call Sunset Word Resorts at +1 800-961-5621 to deposit your week, pay the US$250 reservation fee and they will deposit your week with Interval International. This process can take up to 7 days from the date you pay until your week is deposited.

No, once your week is deposited you will have up to two years to use it.

Please register and activate your account at On this website, you will find cruises, itineraries, and general information. Once you have chosen your itinerary call (855) 278-9888 where you can speak with our cruise specialist, receive your discount a book your cruise trip.

As a Holidays Lounge member, you will receive a 10-50% discount on the lowest rates offered by Carnival Cruise Lines.

In order to use their services, yes you must pay.

No. Specially issued certificates are for member usage only.

No. The free gift certificate issued to members is for accommodations only. Any transportation and or taxes are not included.

No. Unlike traditional timeshare products, our member weeks do not roll over. You will receive the weeks from your membership every year.