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Florida based Vacation and Lifestyle Club, Holidays Network Group, has experienced tremendous growth over the past year, 2020.  A popular travel and experiences provider for North American and Latin American travelers, HNG has become a top choice for luxury travel and lifestyle products. Upgrades have increased by over 30% and the expansion of the overall member base has seen substantial growth.

In addition to new members, usage has also grown, with more vacation experiences and cruise vacations reserved.

With members of their Holidays Lounge- Powered by Carnival product reserving and using their access, member reviews and satisfaction surveys have also risen, creating a positive wave of news for HNG.

Aside from tremendous savings, one of the main reasons families choose this unique lifestyle product is the exclusivity, the ability to travel where and when they desire, cruise options and member only resorts available to Holidays Lounge members.

The suites and villas available are fully equipped to enjoy a vacation or weekend escape by offering private bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy and full kitchens for the added convenience for families.

Resort amenities are always top-notch, including swimming pools, spas, unique activities and extensive on-site dining options providing visitors the ability to relax, enjoy the facilities, truly unwind and reunite with their inner self.  “Life is a collection of experiences and we look forward to helping you live your life on purpose”, said Christopher D. Thomas, RRP – President, Marketing & Business Development, HNG.


With an award-winning bilingual membership services team, Holidays Lounge members have the very best vacation and lifestyle ambassadors available to assist them with all of their travel needs.

With a focus on resort and cruise vacations, their members have thousands of weeks and cruises available in real-time. Either through the online portal or the toll-free number available members can plan their vacations and take the time to enjoy life with the ones they love.

Life goes by fast, and studies have shown vacation experiences help people live longer, so take the time to savor the experiences with Holidays Lounge –Powered by Carnival!