Holidays Lounge | Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2021

When it comes to winter vacations, everyone has a different goal. Some want to savor all the snowy environment by admiring cities and mountains draped in white, while others would rather lounge in the sun and swim in warm tropical waters.

No matter your desire, there are plenty of awesome places to spend winter vacations. Here are our Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2021!  

#1 Hallstätt, Austria  



During winter, Hallstatt becomes a magical city with stunning villages and mountains covered in snow. What makes Hallstatt so special is its combination of majestic landscapes and delightful alpine houses. 

Hallstatt is also gorgeous during summer and spring, but winter elevates it to an unmissable destination.

#2 Philippines

Holidays Lounge Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2020 Philippines

When it’s freezing cold in most countries, the Philippines is enjoying the best weather of the year. This is the most pleasant season in the country and also the highest season of tourism due to many travelers escaping the cold and traveling to the Philippines to have a nice warm winter vacation. 

Tropical countries like the Philippines enjoy warm temperatures all year round, giving visitors the opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy its white sandy beaches and tropical vibes. 

#3 Abisko, Sweden

Holidays Lounge Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2020 Sweden

Winter is an ideal time to visit Abisko, Sweden as it offers visitors a lot of different activities, but surely one of the most enchanting is watching the northern lights dance across the sky.     

Abisko is located on the north of the Arctic Circle, so during winter temperatures are freezing cold but it´s worth it. This Swedish is the perfect winter vacation destination with gorgeous snowy scenery everywhere you look.

#4 Florida

Holidays Lounge Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2020

Florida is one of those destinations that everyone wishes to visit, especially during winter as the city offers warm winter sun and plenty of entertainment.   

The Sunshine State holds wonderful beaches that stretch to hundreds of miles. In addition, the culture, food, vibe, and hospitality of the state is amazing, making it a great destination to visit in winter.

#5 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Holidays Lounge Top 5 Winter Destinations for 2020

Slovenia is a country of endless beauty year-round, but Lake Bled becomes a fairy-tale winter wonderland once winter comes. With views to the Julian Alps, Lake Bled features crystal clear waters, surrounding forest and an island church.

Lake Bled is unashamedly picturesque, flaunting itself brazenly to the admiring visitors it attracts through its scenic lure and Alpine splendor. Lake Bled truly is truly a glorious destination to visit in winter.  


Whether you decide to visit a cold or warm destination this winter, we´re sure these destinations will satisfy your expectations. If you’re looking to have the perfect winter vacation this 2020, Holidays Lounge is here to help! For more information, click here.