Holidays Lounge | Top 7 Places for a Romantic Getaway 

As a traveler, exploring new places can be one of the best feelings you can experience, but traveling with the person you love the most can make the experience even better.

In fact, traveling to a new destination can be a fantastic way to escape from your everyday routine and rediscover your passion. Today, Holidays Lounge reviews the top 7 places for a romantic getaway

#1 Belgium 



Belgium is one of the many destinations we recommend to our Holidays Lounge members. This fairy-tale medieval town is one of the most romantic cities in old Europe. You can wander around their dreamy canals, watch the windmills, walk around the colorful market, or try their traditional waffles and chocolate.

#2 Scotland 

Holidays Lounge Romantic Getaway Scotland

The Isle of Skype is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. This impressive isle offers unique mountain views, picturesque sights and coastal scenery.

There are plenty of opportunities to create lifetime memories with your significant other. You can spend the day hiking the majestic Quiraing or take a tour to Dunvengan Castle, an iconic castle built on an elevated rock overlooking an inlet on the eastern shore of Loch Dunvengan.  

You can also set up a romantic walk through Portree, a vibrant town full of colorful houses. You can also admire the wonders of natures at Glen Coe, a valley in Scotland of volcanic origin with stunning views and incredible landscapes. 

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#3 Italy 

Holidays Lounge Romantic Getaway Italy

Cinque Terre is a hidden romantic paradise located between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on the Northern coast of Italy.

The food, wine, colorful houses, and green mountains make Cinque Terre the ideal place to spend a romantic vacation with your loved one.

Holidays Lounge users review Italy as a favorite destination and a must-visit for any traveler. If you haven’t visited Italy yet, we encourage you to visit this wonderful country during your next vacation.

#4 Japan

Japan is definitely one of the most romantic spots on earth. Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, has fascinating landscapes full of amazing colors in every season. During the spring, you can visit the Mint Museum or the Kyoto Botanical Gardens to enjoy a romantic boat ride along the cherry blossom-lined Okazaki Canal.

You can also gaze at the stars at Lake Mashu or visit Okinawa to relax at the beach. No matter what your preferences are, Japan has what you need for the perfect romantic escape.

#5 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 

Holidays Lounge Romantic Getaway Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom. This castle is a fairytale dream that you can´t miss if you are looking for one of the most extravagant romantic destinations.

This stunning castle is one of the few places on Earth that looks like a storybook illustration, with its turrets, towers, and frescoes.

#6 Bora Bora, French Polynesia 


This unique island paradise of bright blue waters will leave you breathless the moment you exit the airport. The white-sand beaches and thousands of tropical fish in the coral gardens are just some of the things you can explore at this marvelous destination.

The clear waters and exciting wildlife make snorkeling a must-do activity when in Bora Bora. The Lagoonarium is a very popular location you must visit if you like snorkeling. Some other activities you can do include kayaking, swimming with rays and sharks, and scuba diving.

#7 Santorini, Greece 

Holidays Lounge Romantic Getaway Santorini

Santorini, Greece has an irresistible appeal of romance. With its whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches, it’s one of the most popular destinations. Watching the sunset from the window while eating some delicious local food can be an unforgettable experience for you and your spouse.

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