Holidays Lounge | Top 3 Summer Destinations for 2021

Summer is just around the corner! Check these top 3 summer destinations to help you decide where your next vacation getaway is going to be!


When planning a vacation one thing most travelers look for is good weather. Hawaii, in fact, has some of the best weather in the world, which gives it the first place among our top 3 summer destinations.


Hawaii is a collective of 137 islands, each of them very distinct from each other, and while you should experience them all, if you had to pick just one here are the 4 most popular destinations and some good reasons as to why you should go:

  • Honolulu:

    As the largest city and capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is the most popular island, known for its great beach life and plenty of activities to enjoy. Besides surfing the best waves in the region, you can go on tours as well as visit museums and hike famous mountains.

  • Maui:

    If you want a bit of everything Hawaii has to offer, from bustling beaches to cultural attractions, charming towns, and volcanic landscapes, Maui certainly is your place to be!

  • Kauai:

    If you’re looking for outdoor activities by day and casual dinners alongside locals at night, Kauai surely fits you perfectly!

  • Oahu:

    This island offers unique encounters with nature and is home to Hawaii’s historic landmarks, such as Diamond Head with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Regardless of which Hawaiian island you decide to visit this summer, this beautiful country is the perfect blend of sun, sea, and sand!

#2 ROME:

Warm but not too hot, with long sunny days, Rome is indeed a great summer destination. Known for a history that dates back to the eras and many historic gems to explore, there are endless reasons why you should choose this beautiful city as your next summer getaway!

  • Unbeatable historical sites:

    Rome is home to world-famous historic places. The Saint Peters Basilica, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain, to name a few are some of the majestic historic sites you can visit while in Rome.

  • Divine cuisine:

    Roman cuisine is known for being delightful and simple. From its variety of street foods and famous pasta dishes to the Roman Artichokes, you will definitely fall for Italian cuisine in this city!

  • World-Class shopping:

    As the capital city of one of the top leading countries in the fashion industry, Rome is known for its innumerable famous shopping streets and unique malls that certainly will take your shopping experience to a whole new level.

Both centuries of history and majestic views await you this summer at the beautiful Rome!


A Caribbean destination is always a good idea for a summer getaway! Warm weather all year long and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea… Do we need to say more?


Punta Cana is an ideal destination and the perfect place to enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic. Wide choices of hotels with luxurious amenities, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, and endless outdoor activities make Punta Cana a world-famous summer spot among travelers.

There are lots of great things to do in Punta Cana over the summer such as:

  • Visit the Saona Island:

    The Saona Island is a stunning protected nature reserve and untouched island off the coast of Punta Cana, part of the East National Park.

  • Visit the Indigenous Eyes Park:

    This is an ecological park and reserve with over 1,500 acres of subtropical forest.

  • Go on a Catamaran Ride:

    There is no better way to enjoy the stunning views of the coast in Punta Cana than going on a Catamaran tour.

  • Go on a Buggy Adventure:

    Feel the adrenaline and have fun over a buggy adventure!

Punta Cana truly is a perfect summer spot where the sun meets water and combine perfectly. Get ready for the ultimate Caribbean experience at the gorgeous Punta Cana!

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